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Charles Water Karate and Fitness Student Resources & Testing F.A.Q.

On this page there is a variety of information to make your training experience amazing!   We believe when you take your training home it not only fast tracks your success, it cements the knowledge into your persona.

At Charles Water Karate & Fitness we want your training experience to be the very best it can be. We not only love when our students practice and study at home, we encourage it 100%.

"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity."
                                                          - Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist

Testing information FAQ

These are questions that are asked by students concerning our testing system


When am I eligible for my first belt exam?

Testing is voluntary. Students of all ages, in our belted program, are eligible to test once every four months. When a student promotes to the children’s program from our Karatatot program, this time frame is approximately two months after the move up. Students must have a minimum of 20 attended classes by the end of their third month in order to be eligible for Pre-Testing. Time frames can be accelerated if students are in Black Belt or Leadership Club. Students' that are red belt through 1st gup are eligible every six months.

How am I informed that I am eligible?

Letters are sent out to beginning students eligible for Pre-Testing. A Pre-Test list is also placed on the Testing Wall located across from the front desk. Additionally an email is sent to all perspective candidates.

What is Pre-Testing?

Pre-Testing is a way to determine if a student is ready to be invited to final exam. We never recommend anyone to fail so our system gives valuable reality checks to students that are ready and those who are not. If a student passes Pre-Testing during the first week they will not be Pre-Tested again in the 2nd.

What if I miss the first week of Pre-Testing or I need to be re-tested in a category?

There are two Pre-Test weeks prior to final exam. We have two weeks for the following reasons: a student did not pass certain areas of their Pre-Test and we are giving them time to better themselves; a student is sick during Pre-Testing. If an eligible student misses both Pre-Test Weeks, we will hold them to the following month. If a student fails a category during the 1st week of Pre-Test we will re-test them the following week. If they miss the first week and fail a category during the 2nd week, the Program Director will make a decision as to whether we hold the student, or look at them one more time that week.

What are student's Pre-Tested on?

Students are Pre-Tested on their highest Combo, push-ups, crunches and their highest form anytime during class. Our policy has always been that we never recommend anyone to fail. Having enough classes or being time eligible is just the minimum requirement. If a student has enough classes to be eligible they still must pass their Pre-Test.

How do I know if I passed my Pre-Test?

All students will receive a Pre-Test report card to share with their families. We also check all students equipment to ensure that all equipment is in working order. Please no duct tape on equipment.

What is final exam?

Once a student passes Pre-Test they are invited to Testing or Final Exam. Final exam for adults/teens takes place on a Monday. Times are 7:15 - 8:30. Children are tested on a Saturday. Times are 1:30 - 4:30. Testing dates are listed on the testing wall. Once a student passes their Pre-Test the times for Final Exam are posted on the Testing Wall or the calendar located across from the front desk.

Can I wear my karate T-Shirt to final exam?

We want final exam to be a celebration. All students must wear dress uniform tops along with a Moo Tao Tseung patch sewn over the heart.

What are the fees for testing?

Test fees are $50 for students enrolled in our basic program; $33 for Black Belt Club members and $28 for Leadership Club members, payable to Charles Water Karate & Fitness. Applications for testing are given to the student once they pass Pre-Test. If you lose your application a blank one can be found as a PDF under "PDF Forms Library" located on the top of this page. Make-ups are an additional $10. Papers turned in the day of exam are subject to an additional $2 late fee. Fees and applications can be placed in an envelope and placed in the Drop Box.

When do I get my wood board?

You can pick up age appropriate wood board by the upper studio office once fees and papers are turned in. While we do not actually practice a wood break in class we do practice the components of wood breaking constantly: focus of eyes, proper use of hip and courage. We will give suggestions on wood breaking. The wood break should be challenging but do-able.

When do I get my final exam results?

Results are announced at the end of the exam. Students test together and pass together. If all students pass their test then promotions and belts are awarded before students go home. If all do not pass, promotions will be awarded individually during the following week to students that passed. Re test students will be given two weeks to complete their re test responsibilities. If they pass then we will award belts. If not we will move the student into the next Pre-Test cycle.

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